This will be two different discussion

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In this bid there will be 2 different discussion that will answer separately.

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Discussion 1:

Go to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants website to read about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX).Also, select Journal of Accountancy to read additional information on SOX. Read about Section 404, compare the requirements of Section 404, and respond to the Discussion topic. Feel free to include additional websites for this Discussion as well. Remember to cite all references used.What does Section 404 require of management’s internal control report? Research a public company and explain how management reports on internal control in order to meet the requirements of Section 404.

Discussion 2:

Topic 1: Your Motto

Many companies have slogans or “mottoes” which reflect their values. For example, McDonald’s® uses the slogan, “Have you had your break today?” Ford Motor Company® uses the slogan, “”Go Further”. Provide a motto that you feel reflects your values.

  • What is your slogan or motto? Write an original slogan to describe yourself and share it with the class along with your introduction.

Topic 2: Delivering Value

Delivering value to consumers is important, especially when there is increasing competition. When you market yourself in a job search, the same concept applies.

Suppose you are about to graduate in six months.

  • How would you utilize marketing principles in your job search?
  • What techniques would you be able to create or communicate to provide value as a prospective employee, and what would that value be, exactly?
  • How would you show that you can deliver that value?

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