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I will attach a screen shot of each page needed for the assignment check of the book to the document. to write this assignment read the instructions below I will post a pdf of the book and follow the page numbers to complete the assignment. you need to write 2 rhetorical analysis paragraphs from the article Wrong Headed Victory”, p. 415 but you must follow the rules below to do so and understand how to do it.

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2 paragraphs (page 167 in the book; follow the first 3 steps):

Read Michael Le Page, “Wrong Headed Victory”, p. 415 article several times; divide it into sections to understand its structure.

-(Paragraph 1) Place the article in its rhetorical context: use the “Questions for Rhetorical Analysis” on pp. 155-157. (who is the author? the target audience? where did the article appear? when? why? what was the kairotic moment? etc.)

-(Paragraph 2) Summarize the article: follow the steps in Chapter 2 on pp. 34-36.

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