Touro College of Los Angeles Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc Food with Integrity Paper

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Assess the situation, including future direction of the company, providing well-reasoned

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SWOT Analysis.

Determine the most feasible alternatives (not to exceed 3) for the company, outlining the

Advantages and disadvantages associated with each.

Select the most feasible alternative as your recommendation, elaborating on why and how it is

ideal in meeting the company’s objectives.

Provide a (virtual) action plan or roadmap as to how the strategy you are recommending is going to be

Executed; the time horizon for the plan, the budget, and so on.



  • You are the CEO of the Company –What problems does the Company face?Which one is major one?
  • Where do we go from here?Why?
  • How metrics should the Company keep/measure to stay on track?

Which one would you give the least priority?Why?

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