Trafficking of arms, drugs, and slaves 2013-2015?

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For this Final paper assignment, students will be expected to utilize feedback, suggestions, and experiences from previous writing assignments for the course’s last graded assignment. This final assignment will also encourage students to think creatively and seriously. Students will be expected to write a standard critical essay. Students will develop and present a clear and precise thesis statement in the essay’s introduction, subsequently evidenced and elaborated throughout the essay body using specific examples.So, for example, you could do drug trafficking in the US or sex trafficking in southeast Asia, or arms trafficking in Mexico.
The goal is for you to make policy recommendations for reducing or ending your trafficking case in the country today. Therefore, your research should emphasize what has been going on in the last five years (say since 2013).

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The paper itself should follow the format below:

2500 words

Specific proposals regarding how to solve specific issues
How each individual proposal will be implemented, including the feasibility
Global impact of solving the problem or implementing these solutions
CONCLUSION: Your conclusion should offer your recommendations for policies to solve this real world problem, and explain why you think your policy recommendations have the best chance of success based on historical examples or previous experience.

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