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Project for LOG 102

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  1. Pick a made-in-America or grown-in-America product. Assume you must move the product from Tacoma, Washington, to Moscow, Russia; if you would rather, you can ship the item to Beijing, China. Note that neither city is on the coast of either country.
  2. Develop a diagram of the key freight movement steps showing intermodal transportation, involving either ocean or air transport.
  3. Investigate and include the following elements in your diagram.
  • Origin to port moves – distance, possible carriers, routes, estimated transit times
  • Port to port moves – distance, carriers, routes, estimated transit times
  • Port to destination moves – distance, carriers, routes, estimated transit times
  • Third-party Logistics (3PLs) firms to involve in the process and include where in the process and how you would include them.
  • Identify potential problem spots – likely causes of delays, possible disruptions, potential losses
  1. In exactly five (5) slides, create a PowerPoint presentation that describes your product, shows your diagram of key freight movements, and then explains all of the elements moving your product from Tacoma to Moscow, Russia or to Beijing, China. Please include your intended INCOterms and payment method (e.g., letter of credit, etc.)
  2. Make one additional Reference slide, which includes ALL of your references. You MUST use the proper citation for each source. Listing URLs (website names) is not sufficient.

Some suggestions for products

  • Hockey Skates
  • Washington Chardonnay wine
  • Cedar cutting boards
  • Washington State cherries

Here are some helpful websites. You can copy and paste these in your search engine to find the sites:

CIA World Factbook

Inbound Logistics

LogLink (Links to an external site.)

Sea Rates

UPS Freight Forwarding

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