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Study Questions

Choose the ONE best answer and give explanation for the choice.

24.1 A 50-year-old woman has just been diagnosed as a Type 2
diabetic and given a prescription for metformin. Which of the following
statements is characteristic of this medication?

A. Hypoglycemia is a common adverse effect.

B. Metformin undergoes metabolism to an active

C. Many drug-drug interactions have been identified.

D. It decreases hepatic glucose production.

E. The patient often gains weight.

24.2 Which of the following statements is true for therapy with
insulin glargine?

A. It is primarily used to control prandial

B. It should not be combined with any other insulin.

C. It is now used preferentially in Type 1 diabetics who are

D. Pharmacokinetically, there is no peak activity, and the activity
lasts about 24 hours.

E. It is effective by inhalation.

24.3 The ability to reduce insulin resistance is associated with
which one of the following classes of hypoglycemic agents?

A. Meglitinides.

B. Sulfonylureas.

C. α-Glucosidase inhibitors.

D. Thiazolidinediones.

E. Gastrointestinal hormones.

24.4 A 64-year-old woman with a history of Type 2 diabetes is
diagnosed with heart failure. Which of the following drugs would be a poor
choice in controlling her diabetes?

A. Sitagliptin.

B. Exenatide.

C. Glyburide.

D. Glipizide.

E. Pioglitazone.

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