University at Albany Sullivan Auto World Ford Case Study Questions

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Read Case 1 and Case 2 in your services marketing text (pp. 610-619). Decide which case you want to analyze. Answer the questions at the end of either Case 1, or Case 2, using the services marketing terms, concepts, and ideas we’ve learned.

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Write a 3-5 page (total length for all questions) double-spaced answer in Times New Roman font, normal margins. The answers do not have to be equal length. You may include diagrams if they contribute meaningfully to your answer. You may use bullet point lists if they contribute meaningfully to your answer, and it is still a complete well-written answer.

Answers must be written in complete sentences (except for rare bullet point lists), be understandable, follow standard college conventions of grammar, spelling, and neatness, and be a thoughtful analysis.

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