University of the West of Scotland ENFP Personality Type Campaigner Report

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1. (20 points) The Magic Power Company has been experiencing a problem with equipment failures. The company decided to do an analysis of the causes of these failures. Five Failure Modes were noted as occurring at least once. A checksheet was constructed to record the cause of each failure by plant and by manufacturer. The five Failure Modes were as follows (with corresponding symbols to be used on the form for an occurrence):

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  • Now you are asked to create a first Pareto Chart by the five failure modes to tell what failure modes seemed to be the biggest headache that requires the primary focus and immediate action. You will first need to total the number of occurrences (N) for each failure modes then divide each individual cause by (N) to determine the percentage of failure modes.
  • Construct a second Pareto Chart by the six manufacturers of equipment for the plant failures (without regard to cause) contained in the checksheet.
  • Construct a third Pareto Chart by the five plants in which the plant failures occur (without regard to cause) contained in the checksheet.
  • Based on the three Pareto Charts constructed, what do you suggest for further investigation?

2. (20 points) Chapter 9, Exercise 2. Take the MBTI test and research information on this tool. There are several Web sites that have different versions of the test and information on it, such as to an external site. (Take Jung Personality test here) – this is the one I’d suggest you taking the test on, www.humanmetrics.comLinks to an external site., www.myersbriggs.comLinks to an external site., and www.keirsey.comLinks to an external site.. After knowing your 4-letter MBTI type, go to www.personalitytype.comLinks to an external site. and from the drop down box where says “Choose Your Type”, choose your 4-letter type indicator, which will take you to the next page where you need to first enter some personal data (not necessarily the email you’ d check often!) and then be brought to “Your Profile” page where you can find a detailed explanation about your MBTI type.

Alternatively, once you know your 4-letter MBTI type, you can go to: and click your known type to look for explanations to form your analysis. You might also search broadly regarding the 4-letter type as long as you deem helpful for the required analysis. Finally, write a report describing your MBTI type, how your MBTI type can be effective in a global project, either as a team member or project manager, and what you think about this test as a team-building tool in a global project.  

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