use your own word. To answer the question write 3-4 paragraphs for each activities. Activities 1 (How to demonstrate respect and sensitivity), ( you need answer this activities from “During the observ

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use your own word.

To answer the question write 3-4 paragraphs for each activities.

Activities 1 (How to demonstrate respect and sensitivity), ( you need answer this activities from “During the observation” according to the roleplay), (Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 is from the other file attach)

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Activities 2 ( How to take action to address language barriers and cross-cultural misunderstandings), ( you need answer this activities from “During the observation” according to the roleplay)

Activities 3 (How to communicate with your supervisor)


use your own word. To answer the question write 3-4 paragraphs for each activities. Activities 1 (How to demonstrate respect and sensitivity), ( you need answer this activities from “During the observ
Show social and cultural sensitivity Assessment Task 2 Roleplay Scenario City Bar and Restaurant (CBR) is a busy bar and restaurant in central CBD of Sydney. Each day it attracts more than 300 diners and 100 bar patrons. Due to its close proximity to many Sydney attractions, it also attracts lot foreign tourists in addition to the local office goers. Staff demographic information Male population: 49% Female population: 51% Indigenous population: 1% Migrant and non-English speaking background population: 45% Teenager population: 10% People with some form of disability: 5% Successful completion of this unit requires that you demonstrate effective and sensitive communication skills interacting with at least three different socially and culturally diverse customers and colleagues. Activities Demonstrate respect and sensitivity Roleplay scenario You are currently working as the team leader at City Bar and Restaurant. Recently you had two new staff members-a female Thai national who practices Buddhist faith and a male Indonesian national who practices Islamic faith. Part of the induction process, you’ve decided to explain to them about the diversity of staff members who work in the restaurant and the customers it receives regularly. The Thai national considers herself very shy and struggles with understanding if the person speaks too quickly. The Indonesian national requests a place for his daily prayer during the day. Roleplay conditions Your assessor will choose two students from your class who will play the roles of the two new employees. As part of the observation, your assessor will want to see that you can interact with your colleagues in a way that shows your cultural competence. During the observation you may choose to explain the Diversity Policy (Appendix 1) and the Code of the Conduct (Appendix 2) of the restaurant to the employees and respond to their requests in a polite and respectful manner considering their religious and cultural issues. During the observation: Follow the workplace’s policies and procedures (diversity policy and code of conduct) Demonstrate understanding of: Appropriate/effective non-verbal communication Appropriate/effective verbal communication The person’s cultural and/or religious/spiritual protocols Treat people equitably and fairly Use visual aids/signs and symbols to assist communication Show respect and sensitivity Answer: Take action to address language barriers and cross-cultural misunderstandings Roleplay scenario As part of your observation, your assessor will want to see that you can effectively deal with language barriers and any cross-cultural misunderstanding that occur. This includes showing an understanding of how social and/or cultural differences have led to the misunderstanding, and strategies you can try put in place to address it. Where the situation/s may be complex for you to address or beyond the level of your role and responsibilities, you will need to seek assistance from your supervisor. Roleplay conditions Your assessor will create a scenario where by you will need to take actions to address the language barrier and cross-cultural misunderstanding. Your assessor will play the role of the customers and the supervisor (if required) in the observation. During the observation: Take action, where possible, to address language barriers and other forms of cross-cultural misunderstandings Take into account social and cultural differences and their impact/effect during situations in which misunderstanding occur Refer to the supervisor for help where misunderstandings are beyond their scope of responsibility, too complex to address and/or remain unresolved Answer: Communicate with your supervisor As part of your observation/s, your assessor will want to see that you can talk with your supervisor about social and cultural diversity in the workplace. This includes sharing situations and interactions that have occurred in the past (both positive and negative), and discussing effective (and not so effective!) ways in which misunderstandings have been dealt with. Answer:
use your own word. To answer the question write 3-4 paragraphs for each activities. Activities 1 (How to demonstrate respect and sensitivity), ( you need answer this activities from “During the observ
Appendix 1 – Diversity Policy Vision The City Bar and Restaurant (CBR) is committed to creating an organisational culture in which diversity and equality of opportunity are promoted actively and in which unlawful discrimination is not tolerated. The CBR recognises the real business benefits of having a diverse community of staff and to this end, is working towards building and maintaining an environment which values diversity. Policy Statement The CBR believes in the principles of social justice, acknowledges that discrimination affects people in complex ways and is committed to challenge all forms of inequality. To this end, we aim to ensure that: Individuals are treated fairly, with dignity and respect regardless of their age, marital status, disability, race, faith, gender, language, social/ economical background. It affords all individuals, and employees the opportunity to fulfil their potential. It promotes an inclusive and supportive environment for staff and customers. It recognises the varied contributions to the achievement of the company’s mission made by individuals from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences. Scope of the Policy This policy applies to all staff and customers. Aims of the Policy and Underpinning Principles The aim of this policy is to ensure that in carrying out its activities The CBR will have due regard to: promoting equality of opportunity, across all our activities promoting good relations between people of a diverse background eliminating unlawful discrimination This policy is guided by the following principles, that: All staff and customers should enjoy a safe working environment free from discrimination and harassment/bullying All employees should have equal access to quality services that are made available by the CBR All staff should have equal access to opportunities for personal, and professional development and promotion opportunities The CBR staff should reflect the diversity of talent, experience and skills from diverse workforce pool. All relevant stakeholders, including staff, have the right to be consulted about the policies, procedures and practices and are encouraged to contribute to the decision-making processes of the business. Implementation of the Policy The successful implementation of all strands of this policy relies on the mainstreaming of equality and diversity issues within the strategic planning process. This will be achieved through continual consultation with staff and stakeholders. Responsibilities The Owners are responsible for ensuring: The effective implementation of this policy. CBR meets its legal obligations in respect of legislation relating to equal opportunities. The strategic development, implementation and review of this policy. That appropriate action is taken against individuals who do not act in accordance with the policy. Managers and team leaders are responsible for: Fostering a culture in which compliance with this policy is regarded as integral to the work of the area and in which equality and diversity issues are actively promoted Ensuring staff are encouraged, supported and enabled to reach their full potential Identifying appropriate staff development for themselves and their staff to meet the needs of their respective areas Individual members of staff are responsible for: Supporting and implementing the aims of this policy Promoting equality of opportunity Contributing to an environment free of fear or intimidation and which celebrates diversity Ensuring that their behaviour and actions do not amount to discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation in any way. Diversity Practices All employees undergo diversity training. Diversity training encompasses raising awareness about issues surrounding diversity and developing diversity management skills. CBR provides a safe and pleasant environment for our employees. We offer: Flexible shift arrangements Facilities and resources for people from various cultures and faiths Open communications Mentoring Breach of the Policy The CBR will take seriously any instances of non-adherence to this policy by staff or customers. Any instances of non-adherence will be investigated and where appropriate will be considered under the relevant disciplinary policy. With regard to any breach of the policy by the customers, the owners will take appropriate action in relation to the nature of the incident. Monitoring and Review The CBR will seek to access the impact of its policies on staff to ensure that real improvements are being made in tackling discrimination and promoting diversity. The policy will be reviewed every two years. Relevant Legislation The CBR will implement this policy in accordance with current legislation and codes of practice including: Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 Age Discrimination Act 2004 Disability Discrimination Act 1992 Racial Discrimination Act 1975 Sex Discrimination Act 1984 NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 Appendix 2 – Code of Conduct Purpose This code aims to guide the conduct of staff in the performance of their duties as an employee of City Bar and Restaurant. Respect for others All staff are expected to treat others, including other staff and customers, with fairness and respect. This involves: courtesy and responsiveness in dealing with others being sensitive to and respecting the rights and dignity of others making reasonable, fair and consistent decisions avoiding behaviour which might reasonably be perceived as harassment, victimization or intimidation avoiding discrimination on grounds such as age, race, sex, pregnancy, sexuality, ethnic background, nationality, disability, political conviction, religious belief, or other grounds covered by relevant legislation allowing alternative points of view to be expressed and reasonably debated. Conflicts of interest Staff should be honest in performing their role, and avoid conflicts between their private interests and those of their responsibilities of CBR. Conflicts of interest may arise when a staff member is in a situation where personal circumstances are affected by the decisions or duties carried out in their role. A conflict may arise when any of the following are involved: financial interests personal or sexual relationships personal beliefs outside employment political participation use of confidential information use of facilities, equipment and resources acceptance of gifts or benefits. Proper Conduct Respect customers, your team mates and work environment. It is not just about servicing food and drinks, strive to create memories for the customers. Talk daily about any issues with the service. Be clear, be concise, and be respectful. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the starting of your work to ensure that you are on time for duty. Always attend the briefing conducted by the team leader/managers prior to beginning of your shift. Maintain proper dress code. If you are unable to report for work on your assigned time, then you must report to the team leaders/manager. Do not eat any food or drink beverage while on duty or in front of the customers. Never use any sort of abusive or offensive language to any customer colleague or management. While serving the customers, be observant and establish eye contact. Greet and deal with all customers in a polite manner with clear and natural tone at all times. Never show any disinterest or negligence towards any customer’s needs or requirements Handle customer complaints professionally and efficiently even it is not your fault. Treat all guests equally. Provide same standard of service to locals, nationals, overseas and foreigner customers. Always be cooperative and supportive towards fellow staff members, the Management and the Hotel and its guest at all times. Maintain your etiquette and professionalism during performing your duty as well as at your workplace.  Breach of the code This code of conduct is designed to promote and enhance the proper conduct of staff. If any staff member is found to have breached this Code, CBR may decide to take action against them. This may include disciplinary action for misconduct or serious misconduct. Any such action may result in sanctions imposed, including and up to, termination of employment. SITXCOM002 Appendices and Templates Version 1.0, May 2022 Page 6 of 6

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