Using Vendors in Health Information Management

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Use the Internet to research two companies that could do the function of the Information and Record Clerk that you have selected for your new position in Health Information Management. Write a paper on your findings and include in your paper:

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  1. The name of the company and where the home office is located.
  2. How long they have been in business.
  3. What do they supply – people, equipment, office supplies, etc.
  4. Name of clients.
  5. What made you interested in them – recommendations, testimonials, training, etc.
  6. Any other information that was of interest to you about this company.

Write a one page text paper on the advantages and disadvantages of using an outsourced company in place of hiring a full-time staff person for the Information and Record Clerk position for Health Information Management.
Write your thoughts on which way you would like to go in your department – hire a full-time staff person or use a vendor.

APA Format

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