very important proposal draft 250 words

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this is a proposal 250 words. your task is to read the file and do as next

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1) What is your moment, series of moments, topic, or theme? 2) What research have you done so far? 3) How is your research proving difficult.

i uploaded a file that explains the whole research but at the moment you are conducting a proposal draft. it supposed to not be so difficult hopefully . please understand that this assignment (the whole research is worth 30% of my total grade ) and the proposal itself is worth 10%. if you are doing the proposal so good i will come back to you by 2 days or less to write me the rough and final draft and i will tip you so MUCH if you just get me a good grade on this assignment.

the one who you will be working on is downloaded in a PDF format ( translating stories across cultures.

please just be careful with it.

MLA citation please.

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