Visit the website and take the Pew Typology Quiz. When the link opens, read the paragraph about the quiz and hit NEXT (We aren’t using our classroo

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Visit the website and take the Pew Typology Quiz. When the link opens, read the paragraph about the quiz and hit NEXT (We aren’t using our classroom as a group for a quiz as described there, so skip it).

Once you have completed the quiz and received the results, go to to review information about the methodology used for the quiz.

Remember that this assignment is about course content and practice using online tools and resources. Be sure to review APA style and review the instructions for using Kaltura in making your videos for class before starting. Additional information and resources are included in Student Support and Help Resources Module.

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DELIVERABLE: Write a two-page paper, APA style and citations, and answer the questions below. Then post a two-to-three-minute video summarizing the information to share with your classmates. Respond to one classmate’s posts with questions or comments to understand further and communicate about the information they posted. Remember to be respectful and keep the NASW Code of Ethics in mind!

Prompt Questions:

  1. Are the results of the quiz surprising or what you expected? Be specific using information from the quiz itself and the supporting information included on the website.
  2. If you have taken the quiz before? If yes, have the results changed? To what do you attribute the change?
  3. How does your point of view support or challenge the NASW Code of Ethics? Be specific and give examples from the Pew Research Center materials and the NASW Code of Ethics.

Here are some tips as you begin writing:

  • Do use the NASW Code of Ethics and the info on the Pew website for specific examples and cite each source
  • Don’t say you disagree with the quiz methodology or its results without reading the section about why the questions are set up the way they are.
  • Don’t make statements without backing them up with information from the Pew website, text, or other nonpartisan source.
  • Do cite your sources using APA style whenever referring to information that is not your original thought. Give credit where it is due!
  • Do summarize your paper in the abstract without personal pronouns (I, we, you, etc.) – just the facts! In the body of the paper, you may use these pronouns to express your opinion.

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