Visit: After taking the Jungian test to confirm my MBTI preference profile is INFJ.Allocate at least 1.5-2 hours to research the surrounding topics—as explained below. Start wr

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  1. After taking the Jungian test to confirm my MBTI preference profile is INFJ.
  2. Write down an absolute opposite of your profile and search the human metrics, as well as at least  two other websites, for detailed information on “your opposite four letter preference”.  You may want to give this person a name and note it down. If your profile is ISTJ (for instance), you will need to familiarize yourself with the total opposite profile: ENFP—in this example. KNOW that person! That is to say, find out as much as you can about this person’s profile. Explain this person’s preferences in detail.  Use examples explaining your dealings with similar persons at school or at work.  Remember: in every point and every space in your essay you are to use your own language. No copying and pasting are allowed (and they would constitute plagiarism—that is a serious offence).
  3. Recall two difficult situations from the past. Ensure that these are not private situations, referring to your family members or friends. Choose a business or school setting where performance was an issue. These would be work-related and school-related situations when you had problems attaining the success you were after, communicating with others, feeling validated or contributing. Explain in detail what happened—why were the situations difficult. Make links with what you learned during the first two weeks of this course. What are the links? Had you known what you know now,  would you handle the two situations you described any differently? How? Why? Specify if the person or people with a profile different than yours were part of the picture, and if so, how it impacted your feelings and your actions. Show off your knowledge. This process of showing off your knowledge will serve you well not only during this course. Remember, the day to start some changes in your less effective behavior already started!
  4. Based on your knowledge of EI and MBTI thus far, write down a list of 3-5 strategies that you will employ, while dealing with difficult situations and individuals who have different preferences. If you choose to write 3 strategies (and not 5), make sure that you provide more than a line of explanation. The less examples, the more thoroughness will be needed. Use your judgment, and make it show (explain what you mean). Title your essay, if you have not done that already. Make it a significant and impactful title.
  5. To recapitulate: Write an essay of 1,000 words explaining in detail points 3-6. Reference your sources and use personal examples. Reserve at 125-250 words to corroborate point 6.

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