watch movie and answer the 4 questions

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Weather Underground on Vimeo

In 1969, a small group of leftist college student radicals announced their intentions to overthrow the U.S. government in opposition to the Vietnam War. This …

1. What ethos do Green and Siegel construct of the Weather Underground? How to they ultimately portray them–as heroes, “thugs,” terrorists, etc.? Do the Weather Underground come across sympathetically, and if so, how do the directors create sympathy for their cause?

2. How do Green and Siegel portray the U.S. government? What evidence do the directors use to depict the US government?

3. How do Green and Siegel incorporate footage of personalities like Martin luther King, Richard Nixon, etc. to support their claims about the US government and the Weather Underground or other anti-government groups (such as the Black Panthers)?

4. What, ultimately, do Green and Siegel conclude about the uses of violence? When is state violence and/or citizen violence justified? What, do they argue or imply, should people do to confront what they perceive as violent injustices committed by their governments?

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