Website is the guideline that needs to be used in APA Format. Outline and Bibliography are all I need to be done.

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Website is the guideline that needs to be used in APA Format. Outline and Bibliography are all I need to be done.

Complete an annotated Outline/Bibliography using scholarly research articles about your selected Final paper topic.  You will be required to use at least 8 resources in week 3.  However, your Final Paper should include at least 15 scholarly research articles.  You should begin researching these articles in preparation for completing your Final Paper.  Submit your annotated Outline/Bibliography by day 7.

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From this week, you will continue to work on your final research paper, to include my feedback from your title page and abstract submission, as well as this week’s outline/annotated bibliography.  Review my feedback and inquire where needed to ensure you understand your requirements as a learner, how to apply your research and the application from your outline/annotated bibliography into your final research paper.  Your research paper will be presented to me in week 7 for initial review, and your final research paper will be submitted in week 8.

For the outline guidelines:

Title page

·         Complete

·         Concise

·         Specific

·         Self-sufficient


·         The abstract is a short (about 100-500 word) summary of the entire paper. It should include: goals and objectives, results, and conclusions. It is usually one of the last parts of the paper to be written.


·         The introduction also has three main purposes. First, it provides background and motivation for your topic (usually includes a review of current literature on the topic). Second, it describes the focus and purpose of the paper you are writing. Third, it gives an overview of what is contained in the paper’s various sections.


·         This section describes what you did, how you did it, gives strategies, sample calculations, diagrams and circuits, and descriptions of equipment. The goal here is to give the reader sufficient information to be able to repeat your work if desired. (Of course some “standard techniques” can be simply referenced).


·         This section is where you prove your point with the data. Give graphs and tables of costs, profits, whatever your data is. Also give some description or guide to help the reader recognize your important points.


·         Here you state what you learned or proved. What are the “take home messages” or major accomplishments of this work? You may also describe interesting observations, new questions, and future work here.


·         A list of the references you used in the work & writing the paper.

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