Week 8 Individual for report writing on Bipolar Disease

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In this assignment, you will complete your rough draft and submit the work to your instructor for feedback.

Write a rough draft of your individual research paper using Microsoft Word. Then, post it to the Dropbox. The rough draft must meet the following criteria:

  • APA style heading and title on page one
  • APA style page numbering
  • An abstract page
  • Thesis sentence in the first paragraph
  • At least 8 double-spaced pages of text (you will add more during the next week)
  • APA style parenthetical citations used appropriately throughout the paper
  • Three body sections, combined with transitions
  • An introduction and conclusion which both introduce the topic and bring things to a successful close
  • APA References list as the last page of the paper, with at least 8 references (you should add more from the research completed earlier in the course). These references should be current and include a variety of articles, newspaper and magazines, books and websites

I have 4 pages I need this finished and anything fixed that may need it.

Week 6 individual for report writing.doc 

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