What is the setting? 2. What are they celebrating? 3. Name the two brothers. ___________ goes straight to work after high school; ___________ plays baseball and jazz music. 4. What di

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What is the setting?

2.  What are they celebrating?

3.  Name the two brothers.

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___________ goes straight to work after high school;

___________ plays baseball and jazz music.

4.  What did President Franklin Roosevelt call December 8, 1941?  Why?

5.  After December 8, 1941, what happened to Americans of Japanese descent?

6.  What type of business did the Nomura family own?

7.  How much notice were the Japanese-Americans given to clear out?

8.  What were they allowed to bring with them?

9.  To where were they moved?

10.  Describe the living conditions (you will add to this as the movie progresses).

11.  What does the camp director, Mister Watson, tell the Japanese-American detainees?

12.  What does the angry old man tell Kyle?  And what is he doing with the peaches?

13.  How many people are living in this camp?

14.  How do the Japanese-Americans improve life in the camp?

15.  What happens to agitators at the camp?

16.  Why does the old man like gambling?

17.  Why is Mr. Nomura angry with Lyle?

18.  Why is baseball so important to Mr. Nomura?

19.  Why does Lyle refuse to play baseball in the camp?

20.  It is now 1943.  Why is Mr. Nomura disappointed in Lyle?

21.  What is Billy upset about?

22.  What news does Billy receive after the game?

23.  How do you think this news will affect his view of the people in the camp?

24.  What is Lane’s news on Christmas?  Why did he do it?

25.  What do the women prepare for Lane?

26.  What is the “442”?

27.  It is now 1944 – three years of living in the camp.  What is Mrs. Nomura hoping for Lyle?

28.  What happens to Lyle?

29.  What does Billy learn about the “442”?

30.  What do we learn about Lane when he returns home from war?

31.  Where is Katie going?

32.  What teams are playing in the big game?

33.  The Japanese-Americans raise $2500.00 for a bet on the game?  What do they get if they win?

34.  What does the game mean to Koz?

35.  What is the importance of the bet?

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