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Essay:  Researched Argument and Analysis
One specific problem in the World.  MLA Format.

At least three pieces of secondary research.Most research must have come from the last five to ten years because this assignment is open-topic, you can write on anything that requires a thesis statement and research, including topics related to one of the three general college disciplines:  natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

-Easy to follow outline of argument, as summarized in the introduction and as executed in the paper itself

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-All paragraphs relevant to supporting the thesis

-Explores at least two quotations

-In-depth analysis:  Does not let a quotation speak for itself; at least one paragraph per piece of evidence

-Include unique title to essay

-Includes proper header and margins

-Citations  and quotations, formatted properly

-Works cited page (6) of the entire essay, formatted properly.. (Double Spaced)


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