Working on The Ethics of Public Speaking

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week 9 ass-1

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Read: 2.1 The Ethics Pyramid and then come up with an example to explain the ethics pyramid. Make sure to use the intent, means, and end concepts in your explanation. f

The Ethics Pyramid link


Read 2.3 Free Speech and then prepare a short talk to a group of friends who do not understand why the US guarantees freedom of expression. Use your own words to explain which constitutional and legal rights protect freedom of speech.

free speech link –


Watch Free speech by James Kirchick and then explain in your own words the value of free speech.

link for free speech –


Read 2.2 Ethics in Public Speaking and 2.3: Free Speech, select what you think is the most important principle of nine ethical communication and explain why you believe it to be so. Give one example of how freedom of speech can have a positive impact on individuals and society

link Ethics in Public Speaking –

Free speech link-

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