world society history

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Students have been presented with information about the non-negotiable guidelines for this class. There have been several quizzes that test this information and students have gotten the answer correct on the quizzes.

(Here is the answer: All emails sent must have HIST 1320 in the subject line; consequence: students will not receive a response to their e mail)

After putting the correct answer in the computer several students then send e mails and refuse to put the requisite information in the subject line and get annoyed when their e mails are not answered

What happened? What does this behavior show about the goals of this class? How does it link to information presented in this class? How does it link to historical information presented in this class?

Note: this question seeks a sagacious answer for maximum points. Students are expected to know what SAGACITY entails….

2) Please consider this question and check your list (list of all the sagacious ideas from NOTES ON WORLD HISTORY document attached below) Use this list to write an answer using maximum sagacity for substantial points.

.Question: How is the United Nations similar to what the goals of the class advocate?

question put another way: What is it about the United Nations that shows how the goals of the class can be achieved?

the following attached will guide you

world length for both questions at least 2 solid paragraphs

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