Write 5 pages with APA style on The Maintenance of the Osmosis by the Worm With the Marine Environment.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on The Maintenance of the Osmosis by the Worm With the Marine Environment. They are good osmoregulation. Osmoregulation is an active regulation of the osmosis pressure of the body fluids (mainly water) with that of the environmental conditions. Osmosis is maintained both by terrestrial and marine animals. They do so by excretion through the organs such as kidney and skin. Osmoregulation is of two types, they are osmoregulatory and Osmo conformers. Osmoregulators are strict regulators of salt and water concentration in the body to that of the environment. osmoconformers match their body fluid concentration to that of the environment. (Masterson, 2008).

Series species can withstand the saltwater content from 5 % to 100%. Some studies have found that they are also able to withstand twice the salt concentration that of saltwater. They are only slightly hyperosmotic whereas most of the worms are in osmotic equilibrium with the sea.

The body fluids of Nereis are isoosmotic for the seawater. Osmoregulation is one of the important functions of the gut, dorsal pores, and the body surface. The salts are transported by active transport and the water by osmosis. Osmosis is the movement of the water (solvent) from high concentration to low concentration across a semi-permeable membrane. Here the cell membrane acts as the semi-permeable membrane. The influence of the seawater on the weight of the body. The greater the dilution, the greater the increase in body weight. The worm tends to accommodate itself to the new environment. After the increase in body weight, they tend to return to the normal weight if they are left in the original seawater. These euryhaline osmoregulatory are thus capable of surviving in reduced, increased salinity levels. They are found to show two types of blood osmoregulation. First, they act as hyperosmotic in the diluted seawater with greater Osmo regulatory control.

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