Write a 5 pages paper on individual reflective account on group work presentation.

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Write a 5 pages paper on individual reflective account on group work presentation. The methods that were used to gather pertinent information entailed the members’ use of secondary research. Depending on the designated tasks, each member searched through journals and well as reliable online sites to provide credible and reliable information on the subject matter. It was emphasized that peer-reviewed journal articles written by credible and verifiable authors be used as sources of information.

In terms of problems and limitations of methods, since the members relied predominantly on secondary sources of information, the group presentation was limited in terms of findings and outcomes of studies that were previously undertaken. Given more time, resources, and efforts, a similar research could be conducted using primary sources (through conducting interviews and surveys through gathering first-hand information from a selected sample). It could have provided new insights and updated findings on the subject matter. Likewise, the information provided by secondary research restricted the factors that rationalized preferences or non-preferences for patronizing one-stop shopping. If primary sources could have been used or primary research was made possible, other reasons for availing (or non-availment) of one-stop shops could actually emerge.

The outcome and findings of the research revealed that one-stop shops remain beneficial to a wide array of consumers. The members were able to generate relevant information that established reasons why people patronize one-stop shops by focusing on the following factors: consumer convenience, food quality and promotion of production.

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