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 write  a  measurement  and  evaluation  paper  relative  to  a  current  issue  in  education  and  psychology . the assignment  includes writing  10 – 12  page  paper  on  current  issue  topic in educational  and psychology  measurement . 

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    the paper  should include the following: 

1-  history  of your topic 

2-  measurement  issue 

 3- relation to current  problem  or concern  in education  and psychology  

4-  how  you  think the issue should  be  addressed  or solution  to  a problem  based on topics   discussed  in class 

5-  your  paper  should  at least  10 sources  from  a  peer  reviewed  journal  or book  

sources  from the internet will not be accepted APA  format  12 pt . front 

my  topic is : aptitude test in school

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