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read the book attached then write a paragraph (separately) for each :

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1- Please refer to exhibit 6.1 found on page 185 in White. Which of the functions do you think is most important? Why?

2- Credentialing and Privileging are functions used to ensure minimum levels of physician competence and proficiency. White states that the privilege agreement is a contract that has four critical elements. Which of these do you think gives the most protection to the patient? Which of these gives the most protection to the physician?

3- An HCO may deny or discontinue the right of a physician to use its facilities and personnel in the care of patients on either of two grounds – quality or economics. Do you think it fair that a community not-for-profit institution be able to limit privileges based on economic grounds? Why or why not?

4- (Case – Managing Physician Supply) This is another of the important management issues that White suggests stresses relations between physicians and management. This certainly seems to be the case at Phelps Hospital also. What are specific issues at Phelps that seem to be causing this stress? Given the situation he faces, what would you do regarding physician supply if you were the CEO of Phelps? ((the case attached))

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