Writing in Correspondence ENG 306 Report Writing

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How to Write Correspondence – Campus Issues (100 points). FILES ATTACHED BELOW TO HELP YOU SIGNIFICANTLY.

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This assignment is intended to combine the research process and correspondence professionally. In research, you have to gather, summarize, and organize information before you can interpret it. Then in interpreting it, you must be able to answer questions and solve problems. Use a campus issue you feel might be a common concern for students (such as campus parking or cost of books for classes or early class start times.)

You will choose a specific issue (s) you feel effects students on this campus (i.e. parking, tuition, class sizes, lack of classes, etc.) and create 3 pieces of correspondence on this topic.

You will be writing the following:

  • Letter – Consider this a letter of concern about the specific issue [30 points]
  • Memo – Consider this memo a discovery about the specific issue with research [50 points] –
  • Email – Consider this email a call to action on the specific issue. [20 points]

You should be answering = what specific issue should the audience be concerned about?

You should be answering = what specific issue did you discover that the audience should be aware of?

You should be answering = what would you want your audience to do in regards to the issue you identified?


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate abilities in writing correspondence. You should keep the 4 keys in mind while writing each one of your pieces.


  • Please follow the proper format for each of the pieces of correspondence – all are sampled and outlined in your text and in the chapter you read for this unit as this WILL be a factor in your grade [headings, salutations, closings, etc.]. As far as research from the memo – you will need only 2 outside researched sources [statistics, facts, etc. will work too]. You can address your correspondence to whoever you would like.
  • There is no specific page minimum. Like all business correspondence, it isn’t about reaching a page number, rather it is about provided the necessary information you feel your audience needs to understand.

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