writing of fisheries brochure (200 words)

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@@ Choose the topic and message that will be communicated through the printed object. 

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This is assessment task of create a printed object but my group working on it. Title is “Hobart’s Watering Hole’

so I want you to write a new one. This below is an example that have been done by other group member.

Just make different, looks writing by another like this ‘ This report is designed to introduce ‘Hobart’s Watering Hole’ to the sport of fishing trip in hobart, Tasmania’.


The main purpose of this report is to show case how printed objects such a brochure can be presented in a nonconformity manner and to address the issue of fisheries conservation in Tasmania. The fish shaped brochures are tied onto a wooden pole representing a fishing rod, with a rope and suspended over a sheet of paper shaped like the map of Tasmania. We are trying to showing the importance of hobby fishing to the tourism industry and how is intertwined with the Tasmanian way of life. Furthermore, By placing the brochures using a wooden pole,. instead of placing them on a desk, as most people would do. we wanted to show how messages can be presented in both creative and straight forward manner at the same time. In other word, sending a important message to an audience using a method which can be understood easily and visually appealing to catch attention of the public. To summarize, the this project was chosen and undertaken to showcase a different method of presenting printed object and to raise awareness of the importance of aquaculture Conservation in Tasmania to the public in a visually appealing and straightforward style.     

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