Written Assignment – PowerPoint

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Written Assignment – PowerPoint 

Marketing Plan Presentation:

Final Project Objectives

1. Understand impact of
marketing environments on health services marketing strategy

2. Develop marketing objectives

3. Apply marketing concepts of
segmenting, targeting and positioning a health services market

4. Describe a health services
organization’s current marketing mix and suggest modifications based on
marketing objectives

5. Identify measurements to
access the marketing plan’s impact on the health services organization.

6. Demonstrate college-level
research and writing skills commensurate with a 300-level course

Steps to completing a
Successful Final Project

Chosen health services organization. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital (Rockville, MD)

 3. Research your
health service organization
.  Your research should take many forms,
including academic research.  Your research should also include a visit to
the organization, interviews with key administrators or marketers (if
possible), research on the category of health services in which the
organization belongs, e.g. hospitals, physician practice, etc., website review,
review of similar services which would be considered direct competitors. 
You might want to refer to the Marketing Webliography


 4. Review the
final project Power Point Template
.  Be sure you understand all the
relevant marketing concepts;

 5. Use the
marketing plan template
 to complete your Power Point Presentation. 
Feel free to change the design and slide layouts in whatever way you feel best
represents and communicates your best work.  Be sure to remove any of
the generic text provided to you for guidance. 

Refer to the Marketing
 for Tips for Effective Power Point Presentations for
some ideas on how to present your ideas in a format that clearly demonstrates a
correlation between the concept and the subject of your term project.

7. Keep your Power Point
presentation simple.  Reserve the main portion of your presentation for
your key findings, conclusions and recommendations.  Use exhibits to add
supplemental or source information such as charts and graphs. 

8. Be sure to include endnotes
and a bibliography as part of your grade is on your ability to demonstrate these

9. Review your Power Point
Presentation against the project rubric.  You may want to revisit those
sections that would appear not to provide you with enough points for an
acceptable grade.

10. Carefully edit your Power
Point Presentation to be sure it presents your best work, is free of typos, is
appropriately cited and referenced; and that it clearly communicates your

All references APA only

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