Zero to One Book Summary

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Zero to One by Peter Thiel and submit an eight-page report (excluding coversheet and references) following the structure below:

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  1. Summarize the book and identify the key takeaways from it. You should also discuss which of these key takeaways resonated with you the most and clearly explain why.
  2. Discuss how this book has enabled you to see entrepreneurship/innovation/venture creation through a new (different) lens. You must also discuss what individuals should do to identify and pursue unique entrepreneurial opportunities.
  3. Finally, discuss the differences that Theil highlighted between the semiconductor industry and the cleantech industry. Based on emerging trends (recent changes such as technological, social etc.) and Theil’s assessment (about the past and future), identify a unique entrepreneurial opportunity. What capabilities do you need to develop to pursue this entrepreneurial opportunity and what actions can you take now to develop these capabilities?

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