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Utilization of Public Data Sets

Select or generate a dataset that is meaningful to you and your interests in the health care industry by using one of the links below: CDC WONDER Databases HealthData.gov/Datasets Big Cities Health Coalition: City Data Evaluate the dataset and determine how it is valuable for improving health care operations or policies. (This might require the […]

geography writing

The course concept of “comparative advantage” is illustrated through several different scenarios in Chapters 5, 6, and 8 of the Rivoli text. Carefully read these chapters to identify an example in which comparative advantage is discussed in the book. Your discussion post this week should include the following in 350 words: In one well-formulated paragraph, […]

Refugees Affecting European Economies, Writing Assignment Homework Help (900-1100 Words)

Paper needs to be 900- 1,100 words in APA format. Read the article How will refugees affect European economies. (http://bruegel.org/2015/10/how-will-refugees-affect-european-economies/) Provide responses to the following:  Summarize the main points of the discussion Prepare a position on this summary; that is, do you agree or disagree with the findings of the authors (provide supporting evidence by […]

Annotated Bibliography: Controversies in Psychology

My Topic: Does online learning or traditional face-to-face learning lead to higher academic performance? My working position: Online learning leads to higher academic performance compared to the traditional face-to face learning In this assignment, you will compile and submit an annotated bibliography of the potential sources you will use for your final paper. Your annotated […]

Rules of Financial Reporting, assignment help

Submit the Rules of Financial Reporting component of your financial analysis(Critical Element IV). In this milestone, you will consider the following governmental and GAAP reporting requirements for what is mandated that Starbucks include in its financial statements. For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document and the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document in the […]

My portion below – 250 words

Team assignment: The CEO of your company would like to revamp the retirement options offered to employees. Create a proposal that describes two to three retirement plans that could be offered. In the proposal, you must identify specific requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 that the organization would need to fulfill. […]

​LP1 Assignment: Proposal Topic

This assignment will assess the following competency: 1. Explore key topics in technical writing. Directions: Very little money is spent in this world without a proposal of some sort first laying out a project and then justifying why it is worth the cost. Whether you are obtaining funding for your work, suggesting changes where you […]

The Decision to Drop the Bomb

Write an essay that discusses the reasons why President Truman decided to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Consider the culture at that time and the following questions as you write your essay: What were some of the arguments for and against the decision? How have historians differed on their interpretation of the decision? How […]

Type I and Type II Errors, psychology research

Type I and Type II Errors Statisticians and researchers are human, and therefore, make mistakes in the conduct of their research. Type I and Type II errors are important to consider as they have real-world implications. A Type I error refers to rejecting a null hypothesis when it is true, while a Type II error […]