1.  Read the information in the following links:   http://groups.psychology.org.au/cfp/   https://www.apa.org/ed/precollege/psn/2013/09/forensic-psychology   Would you consider a career in forensic ps

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1.  Read the information in the following links:



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Would you consider a career in forensic psychology? Explain, and include in your answer a few comments on the strengths and challenges of forensic psychology as a profession .

2.  Read the following paper on juvenile offenders in Australia (Richards, 2011):


Comment on Australian juvenile offending, how they differ from adult ones, and on the challenges of dealing with juvenile crimes.

3.  Read the following about profiling and psychology:


And this critique of profiling:


Comment on these issue and the contribution of psychology to profiling.

All the comments need to be within 200-250 words, and be reflective, critical, and if possible innovative. Cannot only be descriptive, they will cut marks. No references needed.

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