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Term paper:

A minimum 5-page paper* on a topic or person in psychology. The paper should be double-spaced with no more than 1-inch margins. In addition to the 5 pages of content the paper must include a reference page citing sources. Citations must be in APA format. An example of APA format will be provided.

If your paper is on a topic it must include the following elements:

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  • An introduction to the topic.
  • History of the topic in psychology.
  • At least two key people who either developed theories or performed research relevant to the topic.
  • Where the topic stands today. What is the current research, and what, if any, alternative theories challenge the topic?

If your paper is on a person it must include the following elements:

  • A brief biography of the person.
  • Their key contributions to the field of psychology.
  • How their contributions were viewed during their time and how they are viewed today.
  • Current controversies or alternatives (if any) to the person’s contributions.
  • A summary in your own words of the person’s importance to the field of psychology.
  • NOTE:


    He is overdone and it is impossible to do a good paper on him within 5 pages.

* The paper must be a minimum of five pages of original content. Quoted materials do not count toward the 5-page minimum, so use quoted material sparingly unless you are willing to write a longer paper.

Plagiarism: All sources must be cited, and when copying material directly from an original source it must be in quotes.

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