Accounting Information Systems Powerpoint

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Prepare a 12 slide PowerPoint presentation on CLOUD COMPUTING. The topic for each slide is as follows and must be in the order shown:

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1. Title Slide (put your name here)

2. Description/explanation, services, and types/varieties of cloud computing

3. Hardware and software needed to utilize/take advantage of cloud computing

4. Specific nonaccounting uses of cloud computing

5. Specific accounting uses of cloud computing

6. Risks/security issues associated with the use of cloud computing

7. Controls that should be in place when using cloud computing

8. Auditing challenges when the audit client uses cloud computing

9. Summary/personal opinion

10. Actual advertisement of cloud computing by a vendor

11. Actual advertisement of cloud computing by a vendor

12. Reference List

Slides 2 through 9 must contain multiple bullet points.

Grading will be based on:

lAdherence to the requirements above

lCompleteness and detail provided

lDesign and creativity

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