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1) The main types of communication include verbal (spoken), non-verbal (bodily), written, and    graphical    communication.

2) The communication cycle refers to the sending and receiving of messages. It is a two-way process in which one person gives a message and another person responds to it. It is a cycle because the process repeats itself.

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3)A care practitioner needs to be an effective verbal communicator to: – respond to service users’ questions and distressed feelings – take a clinical history or ask assessment questions – make contributions to and run team meetings – provide support to a service user’s relatives or friends – communicate with children – communicate with people with hearing or speech impairment – overcome second-language problems – deal with problems and complaints about care.

4) A care practitioner needs to develop effective reading and writing skills to: – write records, notes and statements about policy and procedure – communicate by email and letter between the staff of care organisations – plan and document the care that they provide – evaluate their plans – write reports and referral records.


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