30 Simple Questions about engineering, writing homework help

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11- Where do companies get the money to cover their overhead such as Paid vacations. Paid Holidays, etc?
12- Lets imagine that in 15 years you will have a company with 30 employees. How many hours do you need to pay for for a single day holiday which is paid by your company?
13- If the average billing rate was $100, how much money do you need to have set aside to pay your employees for this single day paid holiday.
14- If the Pay rate of an engineer is $30/Hour and she has one week worth of paid vacation, how much money does she get paid for her paid vacation?
15- What do “SD” and “DD” mean in the engineering contract?

16- What is the meaning of a “Contract”?
17- Which phase of the engineering contract is the most labor intensive?
18- Do all engineering require knowledge of technical drawings?
19- What is a “concept”?
20- When it comes to quality control, does the quality control happen at the same time alongside of the engineering phases or is a totally different phase?
21- What is an Aqueduct?
22- What is a “Kariz” or “Cariz”?
23- What is a “Qanat”?
24- Is the following True or False:
”There are governmental agencies who review the engineering works for compliance to the latest health and safety codes”
25- What is “UL”?
26- What is the meaning of “UEC”, “UMC” and “UPC”?
27- What are the primary tasks of an Aerospace Engineer?
28- What are the primary tasks of an Electrical Engineer?
29- What are the primary tasks of a Plumbing Engineer?
30- Why Pluming Engineering has become so important in the modern world and what do we owe to this field?
31- Identify 5 important items that are essential for you to continue and remain a life long learner?
32- Why do we need to continue to educate ourselves in the field we are in after finishing our formal education?
33- Identify and name 5 important tasks that will help us succeed in studying engineering (Refer to your text book for great deal of materials)
34- Is the following statement True or False:
In many occasions working in a foreign land experience will result in coming up with more creative solutions that other times.
35- In your response to the question 34 state why?
36- What is “Bidding”?
37- Can you negotiate a contract for a publicly funded project?
38- How many types of bidding are there?
39- Research and provide a one page summary of What was the “Industrial Revolution”.
40- Research and identify the importance of a Building called “Crystal Palace” built in 1851 Victorian England. (one page summary) touch upon the systems involve and the new inventions in this building.

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