Naked Analysis Essay

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2D-Diorama Scene Analysis Essay


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Thesis/Outline Due: Thursday, April 2 (bring at least one hard copy)


Final Draft Due: Tuesday, April 14






1000-1500 words, double-spaced


12 pt Times New Roman font; 1-inch margins


25% of overall grade




For this “essay,” you will choose one scene/section (no longer than about one or two page/s) from one of David Sedaris’s essays and argue why that scene/section is vitally important to the overall essay. This argument—why you think this scene does such important work—is your thesis. (Remember, every scene is important, so you can choose any scene you like as long as you can fully support your argument.)




Then, once you have developed your thesis, you will support your argument by analyzing all the elements at work in the scene. Just as a 3D dioramas showcases and brings all the details of a scene to life, in this essay, you will dissect all the elements at work in your scene—everything from the characters to the point of view or the tone; basically, you will look at what is present in the scene and then discuss how this element is working in the scene AND thus helps to support why the scene is important to the overall essay (the link back to your thesis). Within this discussion, as always, make sure to focus on analysis rather than summary, but do still provide evidence for your analysis (quotes, brief summaries, etc.). You will need to examine at least four and no more than six elements.




While this essay has similar pieces in terms of thought as a traditional essay, its structure will be more like that of a lab report. Here, you will have bolded, titled paragraphs introducing each element in your scene along with introductory and conclusion paragraphs. Therefore, you must follow the following structure (each heading should be bolded and underlined and followed by a full paragraph as outlined below):






Hook/ Introduce essay and author / Transition to thesis


Thesis—argue why scene/section is important to overall essay




Element One


Discuss and provide evidence about how this element is working in the scene


Link how this helps build/support the scene’s importance to the essay




Element Two etc.






Summarize main points and thesis






Elements you may see at work in your scene include:




Point of View          Timing                                Symbols


Characters                Setting                                Humor (sarcasm, irony, exaggeration)


Dialogue                   Action/plot move                Figurative Language


Voice/tone                Compare/contrast               Exposition/Commentary




*Anything else you see happening—see me if unsure




Grading Criteria:




  • Does the writer argue a clear, driving, insightful thesis about why a particular scene is important to the overall essay?

  • Does the introduction paragraph set up the work discussed, framework, and thesis?

  • Is each element examined relevant, fully analyzed, supported, and linked back to why it builds to the scene’s importance?

  • Is each element’s discussion based in analysis rather than summary?

  • Is evidence organized and incorporated into the text effectively? Are quotes purposeful and integrated correctly?

  • Does the conclusion paragraph link all ideas and elements back to the driving thesis idea?

  • Are the ideas presented insightful and well thought out?

  • Is the writing clear and declarative?

  • Is the essay formatted correctly as specified by the prompt?

  • Is the essay free of sentence-level and grammatical errors?


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