CJUS 300 Budget Memo Assignment Instructions

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CJUS 300 Budget Memo Assignment Instructions


The ability to understand the allocation of resources in any organization is very important as shown in Module 6: Week 6. This assignment will give you the opportunity to review a police department’s budget, identify discrepancies, and request clarification. It will also expose you to using a preformatted memorandum to communicate inquiries, another highly important skill.


You will analyze a police budget from the scenario included below in accordance with Chapter 12 of the Whisenand textbook. You will then write a memorandum requesting clarification on this budget, using the document template to guide the content and format. Your submission will:

· Be 1-2 pages in length,

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· Use the current APA writing style guide and format the document in accordance with the assignment template,

· Not use a reference list section or in-text citations,

· Contain five honest, well-crafted questions listed in order of importance,

· Explain thoroughly what information is not understood,

· State why you believe the question is important,

· Use the appropriate tone addressing the recipient.

Complete only the bracketed information of the template using the current APA writing style. Do not change any font or paragraph settings in the template document. The template is single spaced and does not require additional resource references with in-text citation.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.



You are a police lieutenant in charge of logistics and administration for your department. Your police chief, Sandra Akers, calls you into her office and tells you she has a family emergency. As a part of your professional and leadership development, she asks you to present the first quarter revenues and expenses to the city council in a week. City council approved the current fiscal year city budget three and a half months ago but asked for quarterly updates from the police department. She hands you the First Quarter Budget Summery Report (below), instructs you to review it, and submit any inquiries to her deputy chief, Daniel Miller, in a memo.

First Quarter Budget Summery Report

Expenses FY Budget 1Q Expended 1Q Encumbered % Expended*
Personnel Services $1,615,000 $449,000   28%
Full-Time Salaries $1,000,000 $260,000 26%
Part-Time Salaries 170,000 65,000 38%
Overtime 45,000 39,000 87%
Fringe Benefits 400,000 85,000 21%
Operating Expenses $192,000 $60,100   31%
Utilities $15,000 $8,000 53%
Training & Travel 2,000 2,100 105%
Office Supplies 75,000 50,000 67%
Contracts 100,000 0 110,000 110%
Capital Outlay $145,000 $57,000 39%
Personal Computers $100,000 $6,000 $2,000 8%
Office Equipment 45,000 51,000 3,000 120%
Totals $1,952,000 $566,100 $115,000 35%
Revenues Budget Received Percentage  
Fee & Charges $390,000 $55,000 14.1%  
Vehicle Code Fines 55,000 45,000 81.9%  
Totals $445,000 $100,000 22.0%  


*Rounded up from .5 to the nearest percent.

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