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Discuss a current public controversy surrounding a health care issue. Examine the issue from a sociopolitical, economic, and cultural perspective. What are the ethical and legal dilemmas that nursing professionals face when health care issues are politicized?

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Both respond should be at least 125 words each with one reference within the last 5 years. Use their names as the heading and then the responses below, so that I know which one goes with each responses.

Answer from Luis:

The legalization of marjuana has been a controversial issue
among politicians, society, and many communities over the past years. Even
though federal authoritries continue to prohibit marijuana, a more youthful and
progressive electorate appears to be headed the opposite direction. Eight
states and Washington D.C. have already passed laws legalzaing the recreational
use of marijuana and many more have passed laws which allow its use to some
extent (Goggin, 2016). Nevertheless, President Trump has already verbalized his
stance to keep marijuana illegal at the federal level and his attorney general
Jeff Sessions is a vocal advocate against its legalization (Rieger, 2017). The
social and cultural implications of this change are inmense. For the first time
since cannibis prohibition began 75 years ago, people won’t fear being arrested
for recreational use of marijuana. Not only that, prosecutors in the states of
Washington and Colorado are already dropping cases against individuals for
marijuana possession effective immediately (Kozloff, 2013). This can also have
a big impact on the drug wars at the USA-Mexico border where many lives are
lost due to the millions of dollars involved in the business of drug
trafficking. In the U.S., medical marijuana saved Medicare approximately $165
million in 2013 but if this was available nationwide the savings could’be
amounted to $470 million (Luthra, 2016). As a health care professional, I think
marijuana has medicinal purposes just like narcotics and benzos do and it could
benefit the health of many people. If a person would medically benefit from it
they should have access to it just like controlled substances. I’ve also
treated many young people that have suffered all types of injuries or have been
in MVAs while high on marijuana. In fact, I recently had a patient who threw
himself out of his cousin’s car after smoking some weed and suffered many nasty
abrasions and lost two fingers. There is no doubt that this drug will continue
to be a controversial subject among politicians and health care providers. As
nurses, our goal will always be to look after our patient’s well being no
matter the reason they end up under our care.

Answer from Latasha

The most noticeable public controversy surrounding a health care issue is the opposition to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in March 2010 as known as Obamacare. Looking into Obamacare from a sociopolitical perspective there are pros and cons. The whole idea for Obamacare is to assist uninsured and underinsured people access to healthcare and to assure it passing mandates into law. While initially the ACA was modestly successful in helping families, the cost for some families continued to be too high and the fines were too low forcing some families to remain uninsured. Furthermore, the Obamacare drove up the privacy insurance premiums up to almost 25%. Approximately, 44% of Voters were against the policy and some promises to continue with the patient’s own doctor was denied (Mardell, 2016).

As for an economical view opponents view it as a “job killer” and estimate that employers will not be able to afford the new mandatory requirements to offer health insurance. For example, if the business has at least 50 full time workers, and ultimately limit the expansion growth of the company. However, since the program started at least one sector has shown a five percent increase, the healthcare sector. Yet opponents estimate the cost for Obamacare is just too high for the coverage it provides. Some states will choose not to expand coverage of the Medicaid/Medicare services; leading to a loss of active insurance carriers and will eventually implode if no one participates (Mardell, 2016).

Affordable Care Act effects culture of American was well. Negative comments regarding ACA is that fulltime workers threaten to work part time and apply for Obamacare. Some politicians view it as unconstitutional but was overruled by the Supreme Court 2012 (Mardell, 2016). Pros with ACA is that with the mandate that company are unable to charge women more than med for medical insurance.

As nursing professionals whether in favor or against ACA for now it is here to stay. According to the Los Angeles Times (2016), this past Friday Trump Care Act suffered a major defeat to repeal Obamacare. When healthcare issues are politicized, it is difficult to avoid taking sides. I work with licensed practice nurses who benefitted from the healthcare reform and on the other hand physicians and physical therapist that complain about the lack of reimbursements they receive. When all is said, and done I support Obamacare, if I am required to pay a little more in premiums to allow to access insurance I am willing. The problem is when the insurance company collects the higher cost premiums and deny the insured coverage to line their own pockets.

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