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The Actual Assignment:

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Compose a report (or paper) on code of ethics and professional conduct of the profession that you selected. Use the Seven Principles of Health and Ethics as explained in the textbook as a foundation for reading and understanding the principles of ethics.

Here are some points which you can think about as you proceed to complete this assignment:

Does the professional code of ethics which you selected conform to the seven principles of health care ethics which is presented in your textbook? If the Code of Ethics for the profession which you selected does not incorporate one or more of the seven principles, cite and comment about this fact. If the Code of Ethics includes principles beyond the seven principles, cite and comment about this.

Explain why a health care professional organization created their Code of Ethics and how it can help its members? When a healthcare provider treats and cares for patients/clients identify if a unwritten and an implied contract is established and what it implies.

Identify if the code you surveyed specifically states how their code of ethics is utilized by the professional organization to assess, judge and even censor a member if they violated any of their principles.

Did completing this assignment enable you to get a better understanding of terms such as beneficence, role fidelity, veracity? If you have encountered any of these terms in a work or other setting, explain where and how you became familiar with them.

If these were new terms for you…. do you believe it was valuable for your education to gain an understanding of them? Were you already aware that every health professional organization had a code of ethics, a code of professional conduct? Explain.

Read and follow the directions and suggestions below about creating a formal report.

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