company selection rationale

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As a team we created a company called “Intermed”. This is an company that produces vending machines for 24Hours medicine offering. To develop and expand pharmaceutical vending machines that offering 24Hours access and convenience for consumers globally. This company revenue of less than $1MM annually and that has significant growth potential. It start at the U.S. but we will take this company across global markets and increase revenue to $1Bn annually. The machine can recognized patience face and ID. Also, patience must scan all required doctor permit or document to get their medicines. This machine also offer normal medicine, which you can get in any market, such as Tylenol or Vitamins.

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Please write two pages paper to explain why we have created this company to grow. Relate the company to megatrends that will propel the company forward. Do some research to explain why market need this product, please. APA style.

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