Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Intelligence with Educational Teaching.

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Intelligence with Educational Teaching.

Intelligence with Educational Teaching Describe the nine types of intelligences Gardner recognizesThe first is naturalistic intelligence which is the ability to make distinctions between natural surroundings and living things such as plants and animals. The musical intelligence is the ability to distinguish or be sensitive to sounds, rhythms, pitch and tone which in turn enables creation, recognition and reproduction of music. Logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to calculate, quantify, and carry out abstractions as well as critical thinking.

Next is bodily-kinesthetic intelligence which is capacity to use various physical skills and abilities to manipulate objects and train responses. Verbal-linguistic intelligence is ability to use language as a way to express oneself and appreciate as well as apply complex meanings. The visual-spatial intelligence has to do with mental imagery, artistic skills, spatial reasoning as well as having an active imagination and manipulation skills. Next is interpersonal intelligence which has to do which ability to understand and effectively communicate with others being mindful of their moods and temperaments.

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This is close to intrapersonal intelligence which is a deep understanding of oneself and the ability to be self-reflective on emotions and strengths and weaknesses. Lastly is existential intelligence which is ability to tackle issues of human existence such as life and death issues as well as spiritual existence (Chen, Moran and Howard 10). Explain the importance of recognizing various types of intelligence in teaching and learning. Analyse the potential risks to learning if these types of intelligences are neglectedRecognition of these intelligences can enable the teachers build on the strengths of each student’s abilities and make them excel in them (Wadhwa 51).

The recognition also allows better interaction and grouping of students in class in order to ensure they exploit, explore and benefit from each other’s skills and abilities based on the types of intelligence each student possesses. Recognition of these intelligences in students and building on them is the best way to eliminate the learning frustrations students have as they can focus completely on what they are good at and the rest can be assisted by other students. Neglect of the type of intelligence a student possesses is the gateway to not only frustrated students with education but to leaving school as well and encouraging criminal behaviour in the society.

When a student does not know that they have skills or ability in one form of the mentioned intelligence or the other, they consider themselves of no value and think they cannot benefit through education and hence find no need to not only study but become a respectable individual in society (Tough 36). This can even drive a student to committing suicide as they see themselves as of no use to society. Assess the value of technology in supporting multiple intelligences in teaching and learningTechnology allows for exploration of the strengths of each and every type of intelligence and how a student can be made to better excel or continue building on the intelligence.

This is possible through the various researches and access technological devices allow for students. According to Lever-Duffy and Jean (2011), teachers can use the various models technology offers to assist those who are not yet comfortable with their intelligence to understand the intelligence and embrace it positively as well as how to comfortably interact and share their intelligence skills and abilities with others. The various technologies involve software programs, hardware such as computer for research, musical instruments and models.

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