Complete 3 page paper on CRESWELL Book Topic

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Your second paper assignment will require you to write a three to five page qualitative research proposal. For this assignment, please make sure to use the Neuman book, the Creswell book, the content of the modules, and your own notes as resources for this assignment. The structure of your proposal will need to be as follows:

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I. Introduction (1 to 2 paragraphs long)

The introduction section will allow you to provide a brief overview of your research problem. You will need to discuss what topic you wish to investigate and why it is important to investigate your chosen topic in this section of your proposal.

II. Problem Statement (1 paragraph)

The problem statement section will allow you to succinctly state who and/or what you will specifically examine as you conduct your research. You will also need to state a clear and precise research question that will guide your efforts in this section of the paper. Your research question must be empirically investigable.

III. Qualitative Methodology (2 to 4 paragraphs long)

You will need to accomplish the following in the qualitative methodology section of your proposal:

A. Provide a justification for your choice to use one of the five qualitative research methods. In other words, you will need to make an argument as to why you selected phenomenology, grounded theory, case study, ethnography, or narrative analysis as your method of choice.

B. Explain how the method you chose will be used to answer your research question.

C. Discuss how the other four methods you did not choose are not as well suited to investigate your research question as the method you chose. In other words, make an argument as to why your chosen qualitative method is superior to the four methods you did not choose.

IV. Non-Probability Sampling Strategy (1 to 2 paragraphs long)

In this section of the proposal you will need to make an argument in support of your choice to use one of the eight different non-probability data sampling methods to gather your sample (i.e., convenience sampling, quota sampling, purposive/judgmental sampling, snowball sampling, deviant case sampling, sequential sampling, theoretical sampling, adaptive sampling). Make sure to also identify what population your sample will be drawn from.

V. Data Collection Strategy (1 to 2 paragraphs long)

The data collection strategy section of the proposal will allow you to discuss how you plan to collect your data. Make sure to provide a justification concerning why you will either use a recording device, verbatim notes, and/or your own memory to collect your data.

VI. Ethical Considerations (1 to 2 paragraphs long)

The ethical considerations section will allow you to thoroughly discuss any and all ethical issues that are associated with your research proposal. As part of this discussion, you will need to explain how you plan to guarantee either anonymity or confidentiality of personal information to your research subjects. Make sure to also discuss the steps you will take to achieve either the anonymity of the collected data or the confidentiality of the collected data.

The technical instructions for your second paper assignment are as follows:

  • Your completed paper should be a minimum of three (3) full pages, and no more than five (5) full pages. A full page has original text all the way to the bottom of the page.
  • Your paper must be double-spaced. You may use only one of the following fonts: Times, Geneva, or Helvetica. Regardless of the font you use, it must be 12-point font. Your paper must have a one-inch margin at the top, bottom, and sides of each page. Your paper must have page numbers. Your paper must have a title page. The title page must contain your name and a title for your project. Please be aware that the title page does not count as part of your overall page count. You must strictly adhere to these formatting requirements or you will lose points on your paper!
  • The paper should be free of all grammatical errors and spelling errors! Be sure to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling before turning in your final project. Because you will be word-processing your paper, you will have access to a spell checker and a grammar checker. Therefore, make sure that there are no errors in grammar or spelling. If there are any grammatical errors and/or spelling errors, you will lose points on your paper!

Your paper must be emailed to me by no later than Sunday, November 18th, 2018

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