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Healthcare Delivery Systems

Healthy People Initiatives

In a two to three page paper, examine the history and development of the Healthy People initiatives. Discuss some of the successes and shortfalls of the three initiatives thus far; including Healthy People 2000, Healthy People 2010, and Healthy People 2020. Be sure to include statistical data from the initiatives to support your position.

Don’t forget to cite your sources.


Introduction to Health Information Management

Reflection Journal Prompt:

In the reflection for this week, think about medical errors. Have you or someone you know experienced a medical error before? It might have been the wrong medication, neglected allergy, etc. Regardless of if you have or haven’t, what are your thoughts on why these errors occur? What do you think should be done differently to avoid medical errors or do we simply have to “live” with medical errors because humans make mistakes?

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