Compose a 1250 words assignment on whether abortion should be forbidden or allowed. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on whether abortion should be forbidden or allowed. Needs to be plagiarism free! I think that the pro-abortion choice (Pro-choice) is more liberate because giving birth is a matter of a woman and her life. There are multiple reasons why sometimes having an abortion is more profitable for both the mother and the child than forcing them to have the baby and ruin their lives for good.

Thus, the most crucial argument for abortion is that giving birth to a child is a personal matter of each woman because it concerns her body, which belongs to her only, and its health. As far as in order to give birth a woman should go through rough times of suffering and physical discomfort, she might not want it for herself, so having an abortion is the best way for her to avoid such unpleasant feelings. Because of the fact that the body is a very personal kind of possession, it is probably the most individual property ever, so a person can do whatever one wants with one’s own body. However, being pregnant means holding a huge responsibility not only for the safety of one’s own body but also for the well-being of another body. Such a significant responsibility is very risky for multiple reasons. First, if something bad happens to the embryo, the woman’s body also suffers and her health worsens. Such a situation might even lead to lethal outcomes. Hence, some women just don’t want to take this risk and prefer to preserve their health, which is normal and is definitely welcomed.

As for the other kind of responsibility, which concerns the child’s body, it is understandable why a woman might not want to hold it. The point is that a baby is a very fragile creature and it is absolutely helpless, so having a baby is rather time-consuming because the baby demands a lot of attention and constant care. Furthermore, holding responsibility for oneself is normal and inevitable for every human being, when taking responsibility for another person is quite optional. However, as far as a person deals with one’s own baby, this responsibility for someone else becomes inevitable too, so many women just don’t want to hold it, and therefore they don’t have to.

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