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Compose a 2250 words assignment on monitoring drought and controlling soil moisture. Needs to be plagiarism free! Based on the report by NIWA, the droughts that occurred in 2012 and 2013 were actually the worst in the whole of New Zealand in the last 70 years. Moreover, due to global warming, there have also been serious changes involving the frequency and amount of rainfall as well as drastic changes in temperature in New Zealand (State of the Climate, 2013).

Considering these things in mind, there is therefore a need for monitoring of soil conditions as well as plant stress, especially during these drastic weather changes. Technological intervention is the answer to this need. This may then be effectively carried out using a network of wireless sensors. These sensors gather necessary data and process these before sending them to a base station. Data such as relative humidity, luminance, soil moisture content, and ambient temperature are the ones that are gauged, monitored, and analyzed. The processing and analysis of such data will then require special software that will finally determine whether a particular environmental condition such as drought is basically identified. If so, an alert message will then be sent to the user in any way possible.

This particular chapter discusses the various environmental factors in New Zealand as believed to have been affected by global warming. These factors include drought, temperature, rainfall, and soil moisture deficits. Global warming has caused most drought conditions in the world, and the climate is getting hotter and hotter too because of greenhouse gas emissions over the years.

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In order to deal with these effects of global warming, communities, cities, and countries are expected to coordinate with the state health departments and with other health agencies in developing targeted climate adaptation plans. These climate adaptation plans are actually multifaceted plans whose purpose is to define the responsibilities of various agencies in order to prepare the& or community for the health effects of climate change.

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