Conducting an Ice Breaker Activity(1)

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Conducting an Ice Breaker Activity

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The point of this activity is:

  • to provide you with a chance to conduct an ice breaker
  • to have you estimate the relative success of the activity
  • to have you consider how the activity might be improved in the future

STEP 1:To complete this activity you will need to gather a small group of people (6-10) for approximately 30 minutes.

This may take a few days to organize. So plan ahead and plan accordingly.Unlike other activities where you can reflect on the unit content and your personal experience to complete the activity, this particular activity will require you to actually conduct an ice breaker activity. That is, it cannot be completed in one setting/at one time. It requires some planning.

STEP 2:While you are arranging to have a group available for completing the ice breaker, review the ice breaker activities included in the Ice Breaker Activities Inventory. Choose an activity from those available. The only one that will not work well is Excess Baggage as it is tied to have a training session immediately following the ice breaker, which you will not. Prepare the necessary materials.

STEP 3:Assemble the appropriate materials for the ice breaker you have chosen.

STEP 4:Schedule the a group to meet (one where people do not know each other too well).

STEP 5:Conduct the ice breaker.

STEP 6:Complete the report below using as much space as necessary to respond.Be detailed in your responses.Also be honest and critical as you are not being graded on how well you performed the ice breaker, but rather on your understanding of how well it worked and how it could be improved.

Name of Activity:

Number of People Involved:

Location of Activity:

Time/Day of Activity:

Materials Needed and Used:

1. Overall, how well did the activity work? Did people seem to enjoy it and get to

know one another better as a result?

2. What were the shortcomings of the ice breaker? To what degree were these part

of the design of the activity (something inherently wrong with the activity) or

with the execution of it (something that could have been done better in the

preparation and carrying out of the activity — e.g., timing, materials, etc.)?

3.What would you do different in the future to improve the ice breaker activity?

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