Counseling Technique written Paper (Graduate level-Professional) Experience would be nice

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Due  Tomorrow Tuesday 02/28/17 by

10:00 PM No exceptions or exceptions


This is an important paper so no

plagerism and needs to be done on a professional Graduate level. If it is not done accordingly I will ask for

refund immediatley. Must be available at all times so incase its needs to be revised.

This paper is to be 7-8 pages. Not including title or reference page. Must have at least three references.) Choose a therapeutic technique we either discussed or practiced in class, OR one you’ve researched. On Page One Practice the activity with a child, adolescent or family. On page two, document the “session” in a DAP note.  On page three to page 6 follow this with a reflection on your responses/process.  Page 7-8 Include goals or objectives your technique does/could address, developmental considerations, any theoretical influences affecting your approach and challenges and success you experienced. –

It is on Art therapy Technique

The child is my niece Faythe

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First page is the technique being done with Faythe

Second Page Is the DAP Note (See the following website or goggle it or both your call)

Page three-six is Reflection of the process/responses

Page 7 is the Goals and Plans for Faythe

Any Questions ask please!!

Thank You

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