Cr​itical Thinking Exercises:

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Critical Thinking Exercises:

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  • Explain the difference between goals and objectives.
  • Rate one of the required textbooks for this course using the Texas Textbook Evaluation Tool: Texas Textbook Evaluation (Required Books –Bastable, S. B. (2014). Nurse as educator: Principles of teaching and learning for nursing practice (4th ed.). Boston: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN: 9781449697501 Bradshaw, M. J., & Lowenstein, A. J. (2014). Innovative teaching strategies in nursing and related health professions (6th ed.). Boston: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN: 9781284030990 DeYoung, S. (2015). Teaching strategies for nurse educators (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. ISBN: 978-0-13-179026-1)
  • Using the sample teaching plan (Bastable, Appendix C. p. 661-665), develop a complete teaching plan based on a topic for instruction of your choosing.
  • Develop a learning contract for self-directed study

Professional Development:

Case Study: You are a community educator for a large health care system. You are preparing a series of two classes on smoking cessation that will be followed by a support group for people who want to quit smoking.

a) What resources might you use to help you with the content of the course?

b) Write objectives for the course in all three learning domains. Indicate how you plan to measure each of them.

c) Write objectives for the first class, with one at each of the six levels of the cognitive domain.

d) What teaching methods would you use in these classes? What resources/materials would you need for these methods?

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