digital dashboard mock-up in a Microsoft Word® document.

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For this exercise, hypothetically, you are a recent ERAU graduate and the newly-hired assistant to the VP of Sales at a large-scale wholesale aviation parts business. You have been tasked to create a document depicting a mock-up of a proposed digital dashboard that the executive will utilize in her day-to-day tasks. Once she approves the design, your data will be given as a graphical concept to an IT consulting firm that has been retained to implement a Microsoft Dynamics CRM® solution at the company. The plan is to have the consulting firm utilize your data to customize the out-of-the-box information system solution to include a tailored digital dashboard for the executive.

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The following are the dashboard requirements:

  • Submit the digital dashboard mock-up in a Microsoft Word® document.
  • Provide a total of SIX charts in the digital dashboard mock-up.
  • Chart examples are a pie chart, line chart, column chart, bar chart, stock chart, or histogram chart.
  • Present ALL SIX charts on ONE page.
  • Submit the page in a Landscape orientation.
  • Present ONE chart type a MAXIMUM of TWO times.
  • Label the X and Y axes by creating Axis Titles on each chart.
  • Replace the chart default numerical data with new numerical data.

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