Discuss the TWO major questions posed in the landmark case McCulloch v. Maryland in 1819, essay help

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You will answer ALL FIVE of the following free response questions.  Please make sure to illustrate your free
response answers with substantive examples where appropriate. Make certain to
number each of your answers as the question is numbered below.  You will answer all FIVE questions in ONE

  1. Discuss the TWO
    major questions posed in the landmark case McCulloch v. Maryland in 1819.  Next, what were the TWO constitutional
    provisions used by the Supreme Court’s majority in the McCulloch v. Maryland
    decision to justify its opinion.  Lastly,
    explain how the McCulloch case expanded the power of the federal
    government in relation to the states.

  2. The text discusses several reasons for political
    participation and gives reasons for the decline in voter turnout in the United
    States.  With this information, formulate
    a strategy to increase voter participation. 
    In your response, discuss ONE target group, ONE electoral procedure, and
    ONE legal requirement to increase voting in the United States.

  3. What were THREE issue discussed during the
    presidential debate Sunday evening?  What
    were the responses by Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton on EACH of those three
    issues you mentioned?  Which candidate
    did you most agree with on EACH issue? 
    Explain.  Lastly, list and explain
    TWO reasons which candidate you felt won the debate.

  4. Interest
    groups attempt to influence the policy-making process in a number of ways and
    through multiple access points.  For EACH
    of the following, explain how interest groups advance their causes, and give a
    specific example (real-life or hypothetical) for each:  1) litigation, 2) donating money through
    PACs, 3) grassroots lobbying

  5. The text discusses THREE major
    roles that the media plays in the political process.

    Explain each role and cite an example on how the media played that role in the
    political arena.

    Lastly, which role do you think is the most powerful the media possess?  Explain.

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