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Instructions: Please use your textbook to answer the discussion prompt. There are documents pertaining to Chapters 11 & 12, which can be found in Files/Module 1 that may or may not be of use as you answer the prompt for this discussion. After you post your response, please reply to two other discussions posted by your classmates. You are required to use your textbook for the discussion response unless otherwise instructed. Please remember to give your peer responses as much attention as you would your own. You are graded on the originality of your response, the depth, and analysis you bring to the discussion. Feel free to cite sources from the chapter as you respond (primary sources at the end of the chapter/images). Refrain from one sentence responses. Follow up with additional thoughts, or if you think you could make a historical connection to an idea, or add substance, that is also okay. Be sure responses are in your own words, and the same goes for responding to other student’s responses. Originality is important, and I implore you not to copy the text verbatim, Please remember to be respectful when responding to someone else’s discussion. Rude or inappropriate language will not be tolerated, and you will get a 0 for that discussion.

Online Discussion 2

Looking at Chapter 11

how profound was the Black Death? How did it impact daily life, dismantle global economies, and weaken political structures? What allowed it to facilitate at the speed it did?

Chapter 12

How did the Columbian Exchange leave its imprint on world history? What other cultural, social, and religious changes was Europe experiencing as discussed in Chapter 12?

Please submit your responses Sunday (February 25) by Midnight.

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